Tuesday, December 06, 2005

BLOGJAM: How much is Vinnie's endorsement worth?

The blogosphere is abuzz with discussion of the paradox of Vincenzo Up Myrear's endorsements. On the one hand, he has posted these endorsements on Jawa Report, which gets, like, ten thousand visitors a day. On the other hand, Vinnie himself has earned himself 25 votes, enough to contend for eleventh place in the "stalwart titmouse" category. We asked prominent bloggers around the world: what's up with that?

The vast majority of bloggers replied "Huh?" or "Who?" But some answered with a range of opinions.

Ardi sums up the consenus with this observation: "Although it tastes funny nobody says anything, they all sip away as their taste buds die off with every single gulp of the bottle."

House of Miao says: "Of course now my ass hurts... but cest la vie. Because my mind is blank and there is little to say..."

But not everyone is so sanguine. From The Stain: "Vinnie is someone who was BONED out of his other job because he is blazingly incompetant and was simply placed in Retired Dons special-order left-handed swivel desk chair with the lumbar support because it was vacant. He reeks of last nights cheap whiskey and cigarettes."


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