Saturday, December 11, 2004

Keep it up!

Keep it up, brother! Vote Gleeson Today!

Votes are pouring in from patriots everywhere; but the good guys are still 96 votes behind!
Have you voted today, brother?

Kevin Aylward e-mailed me the details of the 177-vote subtraction. I had a peek at the logs, and there can be no question: those votes were bogus, and the deletion was the proper decision.

All of the 177 fraudulent votes were sent in from one I.P. address ( on the evening of December 2, in the space of about 10 minutes. This address belongs to some jerk in Seattle, WA.

Of course, this is disappointing news, not just for us, but for decent people everywhere who want a fair contest, and also want Gleeson Bloglomerate to win said fair contest. But at least the culprit was just a random creep, and not an actual friend or well-wisher of ours. This was the same guy who was apparently screwing with many other categories the same night. I checked our hit logs, and that bum had never even seen this site. And now he never will, because I have banned that address from access to the Gleeson Bloglomerate.

Thanks to Kevin Aylward for doing his unsung work of running a fair contest. This would have been much worse if the cheating had only been discovered after voting was over, and my readers had no time to respond by voting in droves to make up the shortfall.

Oh, and speaking of voting in droves to make up the shortfall, this would be a good time to do that. Go vote for Gleeson!


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